Ergonomics.  Doing computers right.  And with a shonky back like mine I really need to keep on top of all this.  It’s so easy to get absorbed in the thing I’m working on and suddenly I’m slouched and aching and 3 hours has gone by . . . . you know what I mean.

So I’d best be taking that break right now!


I do some of my best thinking when I’m moving around, and while I grabbed a cuppa I started thinking about the stand up desk, and this picture – from the www – shows how desks should work, or how you should work at desks:


I’ve heard there are adjustable desks so either position is easily available.  Current research reveals strong evidence of the health benefits of these.  I need one. With a nice anti-fatigue mat to stand on.

Day 4

We’re almost at the end of week one.  We haven’t made any shoes yet.  We’ve made a start and we’ve taped a last and made our pattern so hopefully later today we’ll be able to move to the next step.



What the . . .

Struggling already and it’s the first class of the first day.  This is just a knack I’m going to have to develop, using this stuff.  I miss Dreamweaver!  Still I guess this is what will keep Alzheimer’s at bay – so long as it doesn’t fast track me to insanity.  I’m feeling all those “really, you thought putting that there was a good idea” sort of things about it.  Whoever phrased the term “computer logic” doesn’t seem to have done their homework.

Created day one

So here I am – day one of Custom Made Footwear but we’re in the computer room creating a blog!  How does that work?

OK, we need an electronic presence.


In WordPress.

Learning heaps but not so much about footwear yet, but that’s why I’m here for the whole year.