drawn to shoes

So today we are drawing shoes.  We’re doing high heel court shoes.  I think I’ve still got a few of these at home which probably need to be moved on as I simply can’t wear them at all.  (In fact I destinctly remember a lethal pair of fake leopard skin stilettos that almost need a hazchem label.)

First goes are always pretty rough so there’s plenty of room for improvement.

We’re going to be drawing pretty much every type you can imagine so hopefully by the end it will be a cinch.


Ergonomics.  Doing computers right.  And with a shonky back like mine I really need to keep on top of all this.  It’s so easy to get absorbed in the thing I’m working on and suddenly I’m slouched and aching and 3 hours has gone by . . . . you know what I mean.

So I’d best be taking that break right now!


I do some of my best thinking when I’m moving around, and while I grabbed a cuppa I started thinking about the stand up desk, and this picture – from the www – shows how desks should work, or how you should work at desks:


I’ve heard there are adjustable desks so either position is easily available.  Current research reveals strong evidence of the health benefits of these.  I need one. With a nice anti-fatigue mat to stand on.

Day 4

We’re almost at the end of week one.  We haven’t made any shoes yet.  We’ve made a start and we’ve taped a last and made our pattern so hopefully later today we’ll be able to move to the next step.



What the . . .

Struggling already and it’s the first class of the first day.  This is just a knack I’m going to have to develop, using this stuff.  I miss Dreamweaver!  Still I guess this is what will keep Alzheimer’s at bay – so long as it doesn’t fast track me to insanity.  I’m feeling all those “really, you thought putting that there was a good idea” sort of things about it.  Whoever phrased the term “computer logic” doesn’t seem to have done their homework.

Created day one

So here I am – day one of Custom Made Footwear but we’re in the computer room creating a blog!  How does that work?

OK, we need an electronic presence.


In WordPress.

Learning heaps but not so much about footwear yet, but that’s why I’m here for the whole year.