Lasting joy

Today is the last day of our first semester, honestly – where has the time gone?  And yet almost all of us have completed 5 pieces of footwear – the Court, the Derby and the Oxford style shoes along with 2 pairs of sandals.  The buzz in the room is different, it’s lovely to see the comfort and competency in regard to the use of equipment and the improvement in the quality and craft in the work being done.  If we’ve managed this in 5 months, what will July – November bring?


The skill development is under the tutelage of Andrew Robinson.  When disaster strikes, as it does, he calmly considers the best option, often dragging the wreck back into usability and guides us there.  Best of all, he has maintained his sense of humour.


I haven’t decided what my final shoe will be.  Or rather I’ve decided and changed my mind several times over . . . I can think about it more in the 4 week break.  I will have to commit to something soon.  In the meantime, it’s HOLIDAYS, woo-hoo.  First thing tomorrow is heading off to look at some shoe lasts, so clearly holidays are going to bring about as much “more of the same” as I can manage.  I am so going to miss time in the work room.


One thought on “Lasting joy

  1. stopping by to visit…i hope you found a good pair of lasts…i can’t wait to see what the next semester brings for you.


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