Well, I got sick before Easter and it’s been on and off again because of public holidays and suddenly it’s the end of week 11 and I’m still finishing off those shoes, I’m tired, Vertigo lingers (or malingers) and I am only just managing the hours and not cruising comfortably at all!  Time has gone without enough happening and I feel like opportunity is being wasted, but it’s just how it is.  Yup, swearing inside.

Our first assignment is due in two weeks and I need to do some more drawing of shoes, and even some painting.  It is a long time since I did any painting so I’m feeling a bit confronted by it.  The ghost of Mr Barlow rears his head and suddenly I’m a high school student all over again.  Mount Slavery High School – OMG!  (Apparently now it’s  one of the top schools in the state, but that’s well and truly after my time.)

Breathe deep and clam down.

Really I just need to sit down and get it happening, so this might be a task for Saturday, spread out some paper and just give it a red hot go.  What could possibly go wrong . . . .



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