Progress report #1

So this is the start of week 8 and the first pair of shoes is almost finished.  It was really tough to have to leave on Thursday with the sole and heels just waiting to be attached.  So close!  The glue will have benefited by being left until now, it will give a stronger bond.  We are in the “hurry up and wait” stage.  It makes it clear that making two pairs of shoes at the same time would take little more than one pair of shoes.

I would love to show you the progress shots, it’s what I was planning to do but for some reason this computer won’t talk to my mobile today so the photos are tantalisingly close but I can’t include them.  They will come in the fullness of time.

So there’s sort of a theme going down here: Almost But Not Quite.  Hmmmmm.

Fine, I’ll do something else.

I find I’m waking with shoes on my mind.  It’s wonderful to have this year committed to following this interest.  Interest seems like a very bland kind of word, but passion is so overused.  As is love. The thesaurus has a long list of suggestions, penchant seems like I’m trying to sound French, sentiment is a bit soft, adoration is taking it a bit far, affection is getting closer but . . . .  This is a similar problem I’m having with working out a name for my footwear business, with the added issue of just when I think I’ve worked out the perfect title I find some other scoundrel already has it, or something so close that I wouldn’t be able to use my option.  Sigh.  It will happen but currently it’s a work in progress.

So I’m afraid there’s not much to report.


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