What’s in a name?

Here we are in our 7th week already, the time seems to be flying by.  I know we’ve accomplished a lot so far, and we’re finally starting on making shoes, but I need to do a blog specifically relating to ‘what is a shoe?’.  I’ve skipped around it a bit and played with the idea, the concept but I need to really focus now, so here we go.

At it’s very simplest: A shoe is a piece of outerwear worn on one’s foot.  Thank you Wikipedia.  From there it’s so many things: protection, decoration, insulation, support.  It can also be a nightmare, a danger to your health, an irritant to your skin.

If you have two matching standard sized feet you are well served by the footwear industry.  But friends of mine with small feet tell me how hard it is to get an adult style shoe, the mainstream market designs smaller sizes for children.  If you have wide or narrow feet, high arches, sensitive feet, need to insert prosthetics, need extra large sizes, have different sized feet, etc. shopping for shoes is a troublesome process that must have been a nightmare without the WWW and with it is still tricky.  You probably need deep pockets in monetary terms as well.

If I think about my shoes I really only have two pairs that have delighted me, and I’m one of the lucky ones in terms of ease of fiding something that fits.  One was a shop bought pair that was a delight to put on, fitted exactly giving support and comfort.  The other pair, I’m delighted to say, was a pair I made under the tutelage of the wonderful Luna Newby. My pair are third down on the right, but they have had a lot of wear since then.  So there’s a lot of mediocre or worse shoes out there, I enjoyed reading this article, Click Here. She has her own site, I’ll be going back to check it out more, Click Here.

Hmmmm, here’s a thought, if you take the meaning given above, about shoes being a protective outer layer, does a shoe remain a shoe if you need to wear a covering to protect it?  If you are wearing galoshes or pattens does your shoe become something else?

Footwear for people who are less confident on their feet becomes practical and rather boring.  Dare I say “sensible shoes”?  With velcro.

And what are shoes if you aren’t able to walk?  There’s some good comments about shoe comfort for wheelchair users on line, Click Here, and this article and comments too, Click Here.

So what is a shoe, or what makes a good shoe?  Wikipedia lists 76 types of shoe, Click Here. Not sure that I’ll make each type but you never know, it would certainly assist me to the total of 100 pairs of shoes.



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