Today we’re looking at Mules, a specific term for a slip on, backless style of shoes.  I’d tell you all about it except that I had to look it up and found the Womens Shoe Advisory blog and it does it so well I thought I’d leave it to them to explain all, so click on the name above and you will get to have a look at what they say.

We are drawing them.  Although the blog I’ve just mentioned swears and declares that mules shouldn’t have a heel currently that’s the majority of the mule market.  I was going to be stubborn and find a flat mule, but when I encountered this I realised it actually is a mule even though it is stretching the boundaries, what do you think?


If you click on the image you will be transported to the photography site that took this great snap.  I was hoping it would be one of those 360 degree shots so I could rotate it and check it out from all angles but it’s a still.  I shall imagine the other angles I need to draw from the information in this shot.  I may well regret this in a minute – how am I meant to depict the crocodile (or similar) skin?  It would be interesting to know if it is a real crocodile or caiman hide or if it is a simulated effect.

Ha!  Found it, and there is a rotating 360 degree image too.  Click Here to check it out.  They are called black caiman but the devil is in the detail, it’s crocodile embossed leather.  I have felt a crocodile hide and that centre section that runs down the back is very thick and would be mighty difficult to work so I can understand not using the real stuff, but I’m still a little disappointed.


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