Designers of the 20th century

We are of course talking shoes here.  Shoe designers.  It’s really hard to find many shoe designers from the early 20th century, as media grew the influence of designers could reach out far wider than their own physical presence.

We covered designers today in class.  They were all men.  And some very fine designers, but what a shame to miss out on the wonderful Beth Levine – husband Herbert got mentioned, and got the credit for the stocking shoe:


This is an image from the Sydney Power House museum, click here or on the image to go to their site for more information.

Beth Levine worked as Herbert Devine (using her husband’s name) because shoe design was such a male dominated industry it was better to go under a nom de plume, so to speak, I guess that should that be her nom des chaussures.  Some other images of her designs can be seen on Pinterest – click here.

I love her sense of fun.

And Vivienne Westwood, why didn’t she get a mention? click here  Exceptional and audacious.

I’m also going to mention Trippen, because it’s 50% female design.  I love there work and have recently bought a pair of sandals – yay.  Angela Speith and Michael Ohler are doing wonderful things, especially with very thick hides. I love the chunkiness of the seems they create.  And what a great name.  click here

There are so many more.  It’s great to trawl and look, especially when it’s part of your studies and you are meant to, but then I get to that point when it’s all too much.  Like that time in Amsterdam when I was desterately trying to see all the museums and galleries, and found myself racing past a painting muttering to myself, “it’s just another Rembrandt” – Reality Check – time to stop and smell the roses, or sip a cuppa or just breath . . . .


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